That Wonderful Someone

Patsy Cline

By Mike

America’s Down Home Sweetheart

Patsy has enjoyed Nashville sound stardom since 1957’s Walkin’ After Midnight. Patsy also pioneered the country/pop crossover. Everyone loved Patsy. Everyone LOVES Patsy.

Patsy has enjoyed several posthumous comebacks over the years, but is now enjoying a legend status comeback lasting longer than her career and life. She has become popular with a new generation of fans and is inspiring a new generation of artists.

Talent gave us Patsy. Tragedy took her away. Talent brought her back to stay.

In 2001, she was voted #1 in The Greatest Women in Country Music and in 1999, she was voted #11 in The Greatest Women of Rock & Roll. That’s an inspiring achievement. Country, Rock & Roll, Pop… if someone finds a track of her playing the piano, Mozart loses HIS top spot as well.

You don’t like ‘Country’ music? Well, take a listen to Patsy and you’ve found That Wonderful Someone.

(Just so you all know… Mike said I could NOT post anything regarding my other obsession PATSY CLINE.  Funny how it’s ok for HIM to write a little article on MY blog regarding a subject he told me was off limits. Maybe he’s actually the bigger Patsy fan?  And he forgot to mention that she also has a Star on the World Famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.)


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