Welcome to PhillipPhiles

Hi. I’m Mike. My friend Phillip can write a good email. They come complete with pictures, information, links, videos and a rant like no other. When I’m done reading one, I’m usually weak and sweating.

I told him that he needed start a blog so others could enjoy those roller coaster trips. He resists.

He’s really quite interesting and I think the blog community will accept him with open and psychotic arms.

Phillip, who sometimes goes by Mario (don’t be alarmed) lives in California, is of Mexican descent, (though looks more Italian to me), he’s in his early 30s, loves to wear black and I consider him (rightly so, I think) country singer Patsy Cline’s number one fan. Phillip enjoys the eBay cult. If you see a retro bargain, please send it to him so he can ruthlessly outbid that other guy that really wants it (probably for his sick mother’s last wish or something…Phillip doesn’t care). He’s had blue hair, can make his own tortillas and breakfast burritos, he wears a size 12 shoe (you know what THAT means boys and girls!)… right… fewer choices in the shoe store. If you leave him a message on his phone, it won’t be him you hear, it will be the scream of Joan Crawford explaining how wire hangers annoy her. A call or email can easily take an odd turn… once in the middle of a conversation he mentioned that he had an argument with Dawn Wells (yes, Marianne from Gilligan’s Island)… huh? And without a beat moved to the next topic (which I believe had something to do with Sally Struthers).

I won’t give away all the secrets, instead I hope he’ll be inspired to let them unfold here. If not, I have enough dirt on him to make this blog rock!


(Most of this is true…)  M


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