Ms. Carol Fay & The Loveless Cafe- (click here to read the entire story)

If you are EVER in the Nashville area and you see this sign-

you have got to STOP!

Loveless Motel and Cafe

I was in Nashville to visit some friends during July ’07 and the one thing I wanted to do on this trip was take a drive down Highway 100 and eat at the Loveless Cafe.  I had heard about this place on a few TV shows and fell in love with what they served just by seeing it on the screen. 

I had my menu planned out before I even left California- Country ham with red eye gravy, grits (these were REAL grits) sweet tea and biscuits….oh, those biscuits.  They bring them to you with your beverage order and there is a HUGE bowl of those little, wrapped pats of butter on the table (as every household should have!) and they are served with homemade preserves.  Can you stand it? 

The service was great and we could not figure out what made those biscuits so damned tasty!  They sell a “biscuit mix” in the gift shop and I heard Ms. Carol tell Martha Stuart that the mix was “close” to her same mixture that she uses daily.  I couldn’t believe it…she ain’t even telling Martha what’s in those biscuits. (and believe me, she asked!)

loveless cafe

These things will make you wanna slap your Mamma! They bring them out HOT, right from the oven and then they just keep bringing ’em.  And you just keep eatin’ em!  Let me just tell you- If I ever do something so stupid that I land in jail and I’m given the death penalty, I want Carol Fay’s biscuits to be my last meal.

I wonder if they’d ever do a contest like at Nathan’s in New York- ya know, for the hot dogs?  I’d sooooo be there!  Face down in a pan of those biscuits…who needs Christmas gifts?

Speaking of gifts- they have a nice little gift shop there at the Loveless Cafe.  For those few in your family that “have everything”- nothing could be more surprising than unwrapping your very own “GOT BISCUITS?” T-shirt from the Loveless Cafe on your next birthday.   Modeled below by “The Biscuit Lady”, Ms. Carol Fay- the woman who has ruined me from ever eating biscuits again unless I am in Nashvegas.  

(but I still love her)


Man, when is the next flight to Nashville?!

In case you can’t get there tonight…visit


One Response to “Ms. Carol Fay & The Loveless Cafe- (click here to read the entire story)”

  1. I have been fortunate to meet Ms. Carol Fay and eat at this delightful restaurant, but bad/sad news travels fast and far – is it true?

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