Will they ever tell us the truth about 9/11? (click here to read the entire story)

 Remembering 9/11, Tribute In Light, Lower Manhattan, New York

Ok…so I wasn’t sure if I was going to write anything about the anniversary of the attacks but I think that I am now to the point where I can watch the footage from that day.  There were alot of tributes/specials on several of today’s talk shows.  I started to watch one and it was just too depressing so I changed it.  What’s even more sad is that alot of the first responders that went down there and so bravely helped are now victims themselves and nobody will help them.  Now their medical needs are being overlooked, simply because they weren’t on the payroll & nobody told them to go down there“.  Amazing isn’t it?

One reason I have never really wanted to deal with the 9/11 footage that they kept showing day after day after day is because it was a little too much for me to process.  I was at the Pentagon on September 4th, 2001.  (I don’t think I’ve told alot of people this story either…so here goes) I was in Virginia over the Labor Day weekend and on that Tuesday, a friend and I did a little sight seeing.  I ended up parking across from the Pentagon and we took the Metro to out destinations. I remember seeing “Pentagon Station” or something like that, as we went underground to catch the Metro.  So we saw the sights, did the usual touristy thing and then I flew out the next day.  For some reason- I flew out of Baltimore this particular year.  I had always flown out of D.C., to L.A., then home.  I think I waited to long to book my flight and the airfare was a hundred bucks cheaper in and out of Baltimore.  So, I decided on that flight- which meant I’d also fly through Dallas on my home and I could stop in at “Dickey’s Bar-B-Que” (it’s always about food).   Every year my flight out of D.C. to L.A. was the same- it was overbooked, they asked people to get off and gave them a voucher for $300.  I just wanted to get home, so I always passed.

Then, a week later- while getting ready for work, I stepped out of the shower and started getting ready and had the TV on…Good Morning America was showing some smoke coming out of one of the Twin Towers in NY.  The news reporters were saying that a small plane might have accidentally flown into the building, they were awaiting confirmation.  As the camera focused in on the building and its smoke, I stood there and watched another plane hit the other tower.  I wondered what was happening.  One plane could have been an accident- but two planes?  All I kept thinking was “We’re being attacked.” 

I kept getting dressed…thinking it couldn’t be real.  I even went to work, not knowing what to do- I just kept going with my regular routine.  By the time I got to work, I had heard about the plane that hit the Pentagon.  I called my mom (who works at a Federal Building here in Cailfornia) and told her she should probably leave.  She told me she would probably stay- they were told that the attacks were not related directly to any federal buildings and that they were safe. 

After work I went home and turned on the news.  I had the radio on all day at work and it was just the same basic information hour after hour.  Nobody knew how or why. Finally, after a few days of watching TV- I unpacked.  I had found some stuff from my trip.  The unused portion of my Metro ticket (marked Pentagon City or Pentagon Station…I don’t remember, it’s tucked away somewhere under my bed), My plane ticket- which I started to put away in my little scrapbook with all my other plane tickets from my annual trip to Virginia.  This time, the flight number on ALL of the old tickets caught my eye.  I had taken Flight 77 every year for seven years straight… 

I had always flown back and forth to D.C. via L.A. and that particular year- because I’m a cheap ass…I flew out of Baltimore.  I realized I had dodged all that by one week.  I kept thinking “I was there 7 days ago”.  I always took flight 77 but didn’t this year…  Then, one more small thing would keep me up at night.  After all the online tributes went up for those that had died and were still missing- I found out that someone with my name had died at the World Trade Center.  As each anniversary of the attacks passed, I never wanted to watch any of the tributes or footage.  I never even told anyone for about two years that I had been at the Pentagon a week before or had always flown out on Flight 77 from D.C. every year.  It’s almost like I just wanted to forget it all.  It was just so odd. I kept thinking- I was just there, that was my usual flight, that plane hit the Pentagon and someone with my name is in a grave now because of all this. (its not my grave, but still…)  Strange.

All kinds of questions have been asked since then.  When the 9/11 Commission put out their version of what happened, they said they’d “get back to the American people on why Building 7 fell into itself within a year”.  It’s been six years, still no explanation from the Federal Government why that building fell.  WHY?  There are a ton of other questions that need to be asked and answered (and you should all start asking and checking things out) but the media seems to be more involved with Britney’s fat ass on the VMA Awards, Paris Hilton’s jail time and other madness that is Hollywood. 

However, my favorite is Elisabeth Hasselbeck (“The View”) who adds her little spin to the media blitz by arguing and using her favorite phrase “Have we been attacked since 9/11? No- we haven’t…thank you!” This is her and her big, fat, empty head:


Elisabeth- why would we need to be attacked again?  They came over here and killed over 3,000 of our citizens.  Now we are sending our men and women (actually, boys and girls for the most part) over to Iraq and they are being killed over there.  The number of soilders killed in Iraq will soon, if it hasn’t already passed up the body count for the attacks here on U.S. soil on 9/11.  If we are sending troops over there to their turf and they are killing them, why would the “terrorists” need to come over here?  We are sending them to their front doorstep to die.  Why would they need to come to the U.S. to kill Americans?  We are delivering them.

And I really hope nobody thinks I am “unpatriotic” by saying such things but I just do not understand why we are over there.  I intend no disrespect to anyone that’s lost a family member or spouse in Iraq.  I just think we should be demanding answers about real issues and not wondering who Nicole Richie’s baby daddy is.

My heart goes out to the families of those lost in the attacks and first responders who have died or are very sick.  I especially feel bad and a certain sense of anger for all those men and women who have died in this “war”.  I was at the airport the other day and saw so many young men, kids actually….most of them were under 25- who were dressed in camouflage, waiting to go back to Iraq.  One soldier was talking to a civilian that asked “How long are you there for?”  The soldier replied he was done but had signed up again to extend his tour of duty because “the money for being over there in Iraq is reeaaallly good.”  Nice.  I’m sure he doesn’t think about how good all that money is going to do him when his mother and father have to go to the bank and close the account- then use some of that money to buy flowers for his grave.




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  1. If the Nuremberg laws were applied, then every post-war American president would have been hanged.NoamChomskyNoam Chomsky, Radio Free Maine

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