He Writes The Songs- and makes the Rules! (click here to read the entire story)


Ok…so I may officially have to become a “Fanilow”.  After hearing that Barry Manilow ditched “The View” because he refused to be interviewed by Elisabitch Hasslebeck, I almost went out and bought a cake.  Here’s what’s flying around the internet:

Manilow boycotts ‘The View’ over Hasselbeck

The show, however, counters by saying that they have canceled his appearance.

NEW YORK – The man who writes the songs won’t be singing any of them on “The View” —  not as long as Elisabeth Hasselbeck is there.

Barry Manilow has backed out of his scheduled appearance on the morning talk show after the show refused to pull Hasselbeck from the interview, “Access Hollywood” has learned.

Manilow, a long time friend of Rosie O’Donnell, posted the following message on his Web site:

“I wanted to let you know that I will no longer be on The View tomorrow as scheduled.  I had made a request that I be interviewed by Joy, Barbara or Whoopi, but not Elisabeth Hasselbeck.  Unfortunately, the show was not willing to accommodate this simple request so I bowed out.  It’s really too bad because I’ve always been a big supporter of the show, but I cannot compromise my beliefs.  The good news is that I will be on a whole slew of other shows promoting the new album so I hope you can catch me on those.”

However, sources close to “The View” claim Manilow is lying.

Sources told “Access” the show is the one who canceled the booking because they would not allow the “Copacabana” singer to dictate who would interview him.

In addition, the appearance has been scheduled since July (which is after O’Donnell left the show) and that Manilow has appeared twice on the show in the past with Hasselbeck on the panel.

Manilow is currently making the rounds to promote his new album, “Greatest Songs of the Seventies.”

“Access” has reached out to “The View” for comment and is awaiting a response.

In an interview with “Access Hollywood” last week, Manilow talked about his new album — and the duet he recorded with his pal O’Donnell.

I’ll just bet that Rosie is LOVIN’ this shit! 

(hey…is this what Clay Aiken is gonna look like in 50 years?- the one on the right.  But then again…he could turn out like the one on left) 

here we go….

UPDATE! : It was announced on “The View” this morning that Barry will in fact perform on the show at a future date. If he’s smart, it’ll be when Hasselbitch is on maternity leave!


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  1. PhillipPhiles Says:

    Someone left a naughty comment, so I deleted it. Here’s the email of the dirty birdy in Canada that tried to shit up my blog, MY blog- should anyone want to talk to his pottymouth: dragoonslayer2@gmail.com By the by, I wonder if all the Gaiken fans saw his “web cam chat” that was secretly recorded by his next would be score, that ended up getting posted on perezhilton.com ? Mr. Clay even showed his titties to the GUY.

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