The Cure For Cancer… (click here for the entire story)

…lies within the American Government.

Take what you want from that sentence.  October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Every month, every day- people should be made aware of this disease and a cure found.  Some say there may already be one- and I’m not so sure I would disagree…

WHY isn’t there more money for research? It’s been said that there will never be enough money for Cancer research UNTIL the U.S. Government classifies Cancer as an epidemic.  But then again…why would they?  There is no money in a cure- only in treatments.  Think about it.  If someone came up with a cure, how many people would be out of jobs?  How much money would the pharmaceutical companies lose?  Would anyone allow Cancer to continue as a form of population control- rather than have people be free from this disease and live long, happy lives without the need for medication?

WHY isn’t there a cure?  Not only for Cancer but for AIDS, for Multiple Sclerosis or Autism?  And any number of other diseases. I still need someone to explain to me, how(even way back in the day) back when there must have been wooden beakers and minimal science- HOW could someone come up with a cure for small pox, vacinate the entire country- all within a such a short time? 

Did you know that the annual budget that the U.S. allows for Cancer research for the entire country- all the research grants, all the money used to find the cure on a National level- that SAME dollar amount is spent in Iraq, EVERY TEN DAYS.  And we’ve been there how long?  Think about it, every ten days.  As of this writing (October 1, 2007) the dollar amount spent on the Iraq war is $456,079,469,013.  Thats right, over FOUR HUNDRED BILLION.  For what?  So we can see him climb out of a jet in a flight suit (after dodging the draft) and hear him tell us “Mission Accomplished”?  Please.

Why can’t all that money have been used for Cancer research?  Why are there still kids in this country without medical insurance?  Why are senior citizens eating dog food?  This is the United States of America and people have to make the decision every month on if they should buy food or their medication.  We’ve got hungry Vietnam Veterans living on the street.  They’re only Heroes until they come home.  Do you really think they’ll take care of those kids coming home from Iraq who are missing legs and arms? 

Do your part, no matter how small.  Macy*s has a shopping day that they contribute a percentage of sales for the cure- they even give you a discount as you shop.  Thousands of “Relay for Life” events are held all over the country.  Purchase postage stamps that contribute a portion to Breast Cancer Research.  Buy PINK products that support the cause with a percentage of the price going towards research.  Do what you can- those contributions listed above are just a small amount of possible donations that you can make, they’re also just a few of the ones I choose to give my time and money to.  I challenge you to do your part.

Everyone seems to know at least one person who has or has had Cancer.  This is a serious disease and should be considered an epidemic, if nothing just to get the research money needed.  People are diagonosed with this disease daily and thousands die from it each year.  Do your part, for all types of cancer- no matter how small. 

Get checked!

Here are a few organizations that can help you with information-


This entry in my blog is dedicated to Mary, Michelle and Isabel.  All of them survived cancer and all of them are my friends. 

Ask questions, then demand answers.

And one more small thing……No matter what political party you belong to- PLEASE go see the film “SICKO!”


One Response to “The Cure For Cancer… (click here for the entire story)”

  1. I also cannot understand how 150 years of cancer research has not brought a cure to more types of cancers. Cancer treatment has become much smarter than it was, but if diseases like small pox and polio can be cured with ‘wooden beakers’ and we can land on the moon, why in this technological age can’t cancer be erradicated?

    AIDS is something so sad and so immediate, that I cannot understand how the entire world isn’t working on this. Like cancer, it’s devastating and the treatment has become better, smarter since it began.

    Unfortunately, in both cases those ‘smarter’ and ‘better’ treatments are multi-billion dollar industries which drive up healthcare with the extreme costs, push lower income people OUT of healthcare leaving more without the treatments or completely exclude large numbers of people without treatment because of the high price of treatment. Plus, if you’re out of work for 6 months, your job can let you go and your insurance suddenly vaporizes, leaving you too broke to pay for treatment and insurance won’t take you with a pre-existing condition. It’s all a horrible circle.

    Thanks for the post. It keeps people thinking.

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