ETHEL MAE POTTER…we never forgot her! (click here to read the entire story)

 Vivian Vance

(July 26, 1909 – August 17, 1979)

Ethel Louise Roberta Mae Potter Mertz

Since Breast Cancer Awarness Month is still going strong…I wanted to put something up other than my praise for “The View” the other day for doing an entire show on a disease that most networks would rather ignore.  I thought the custom made pink table with the ribbon added to the logo was cool also.  So…having said that-

I’d like to take a minute to give everyone who’s survived this dreadful disease a big vitual hug.  And for anyone thats lost someone to breast cancer, you get two hugs.  One of my favorite television actresses of all time was a victim of breast cancer.

Vivian Vance, who would be come world famous for decades as “Ethel Mertz” was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She was one in a million and the funniest 2nd banana on TV.  In fact, the EMMY Award category for “Outstanding Supporting Actress”  was created specifically in order to acknowledge Viv’s comedic talents on “I LOVE LUCY” during the 1953/1954 television season.  How about that!

Here is one of my favorite Ethel lines from the show…

Fred Mertz: She said my mother looks like a weasel.
Lucy Ricardo: Ethel, apologize.
Ethel Mertz: I’m sorry your mother looks like a weasel!

Even better was the was the episode called “The Tour” when the gang was in Hollywood.  Lucy and Ethel go on a Tour of the Stars Homes and when the bus pulls up to Richard Widmark’s home, Lucy has to have a grapefruit from his tree and gets stuck in his backyard.  Ethel calls Fred and gives him a long explanation of everything that’s happened and said she’s been waiting for Lucy for over and hour, then stops and with perfectly delivery- screams “And stop saying Madame you’ve got the wrong number!”

Oh yah…someone even has a tribute site up for her-

check it out and get checked out…viva la cure!



One Response to “ETHEL MAE POTTER…we never forgot her! (click here to read the entire story)”

  1. moviesmusic Says:

    She was such a great actress!

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