“ELVIRA- Mistress of the Dark”

Ok…so this was supposed to be my Halloween post.  I got sick, missed out on trick or treating… all the fun of eating all the good stuff from my niece’s and nephew’s loot bags that their stupid parents won’t let them enjoy (and eating it infront of them).

I feel like Charlie Brown… “I got a rock!”.

SO…this is gonna be short and sweet…since I’m still sick and Halloweenie is over.  This lovely creation pictured above is ELVIRA. You may remember her from the “Coors Light” Commercials…blah.  Or from “Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure”- Ms. Cassandra Peterson played the lady at the biker bar who has other plans for Pee-Wee after the others want to tattoo him, hang him and then kill him…  She is the knock out that says:  “I say ya let ME have him first!”.

Hope your day was better than mine… I’ll make up for it on turkey day!


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