LOUIS PRIMA AND KEELY SMITH! (click here to read the entire story)

That Ol’ Black Magic has me in it’s spell…..” 


These two were a riot!  They had enough energy on stage to light up the whole city of Las Vegas.  Louis Prima and Keely Smith were the “must see” act in Vegas during the 50’s.  Their show at “The Sahara” was the hottest ticket in town.  Louis and Keely sang, danced and threw out a few comedic lines that had the audience in stiches.  They were backed by a band lead by Sam Butera called “The Witnesses”.  Aside from making hit records and playing several shows nightly (all the way through the night- until 6 a.m.!), they also made The Sahara Lounge the hottest night club around…while at the same time, making it- without a doubt, the very coolest. 

If you can get your hands on the CD below….you can enjoy some of the greatest entertainment that Las Vegas ever featured-



This CD will be on my Christmas list this year.  Hopefully there will be enough room in my stocking after all that coal the Fat Man is probably gonna leave (again) this year.

In case you’ve never been able to see these two in action- here’s a little clip from our friends at Youtube.com that shows Louie and Kelly performing (and it really is a performance) their verson of the classic-  “I’m In The Mood For Love”….

Ya know…this whole thing started because of something I actually put as part of a birthday greeting I put up for ANNETTE FUNICELLO.  There was a small note I put up as part of her birthday blog that involved my favorite Disney movie- “The Jungle Book”.  King Louie was brought to life vocally by Louis Prima.  I dig that movie something fierce!  Anyway… in tribute to their great talents, I decided to write a little something about Louis and Keely and give them their own special “thank you” from me. 


Above is a pic of Louis and “King Louie” from the Jungle Book Movie. Below is a link you can click on to see a clip of the song that drives me crazy man, crazy!….

And now for a bit of trivia-  did you know that the four vultures portrayed in “The Jungle Book” were originally supposed to be voiced by “The Beatles“!  Walt Disney couldn’t secure a commitment from them but he still wanted to pay homage to the latest craze the kids were listening to.  And the song they sing (which is performed in a Barber Shop Quartet fashion) was originally supposed to be a rockin’ english beat but Mr. Disney found that it would “date” the movie so he nixed it.  He did however get “Chad” of “Chad and Jeremy” fame to voice the blonde vulture for the film.  They all have English accents but how cool would it have been to hear John, Paul, George and Ringo?

oh…quick shout out to The Sherman Bros. for writing all those awesome songs for all the Disney films (and Annette). 


Richard and Robert Sherman– Musical Magicians.

And speaking of cartoons….check out this animated pic I found that shows Louis Prima and Keely Smith in the craziest cartoon pose!

(I think this is from a CD cover)


Check out their music and performances.  Explore their talents and the beautiful music they made together.  It’s been said by some that Louis and Keely were the model act for “Sonny and Cher“.  A beautiful singer with a poker face while singing…all the while her outrageous Italian boyfriend hiting some wild notes in the background. 

Louis Prima and Keely Smith made serveral appearances on the “Ed Sullivan Show” and a variety or programs through out the country…and I’m jealous of anyone that was fortunate enough to see them perform live in Las Vegas in the 50’s!

So- here’s to the “King of the Swingers” and his pretty princess.


3 Responses to “LOUIS PRIMA AND KEELY SMITH! (click here to read the entire story)”

  1. Do you have their music….you are such an ollllll spirit..thats neat.. Love Anne

  2. Alan Douglas Says:

    If you like Louie and Keely, check out jiveaces.com/sunshine ! Keely now performs each year with the Jive Aces, and she is still as good as ever.

    Alan Douglas

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