It’s MASHED POTATO time! (click here to read the entire story)

And I don’t mean just ’cause Thanksgiving is near…


(I don’t know why…but I’m on a music kick lately)

Dee Dee Sharp had a song in ’62 that added to the long list of songs that became a National Dance Craze.  Kids could rush home and turn on AMERICAN BANDSTAND and learn the latest and greatest dance craze sweeping the country.  At any given time you could practice “The Twist”, “The Madison” or “The Watusi” while watching your favorite teen idols sing their latest hit single for Dick Clark and the kids.

Every once in a while I’ll throw my Dee Dee Sharp CD in the computer so I can listen to it while I’m surfin’ the web.  There is one song on there that gets me chair dancin’ like no other!

Here it tis-


Now…the first time I showed this clip to my father we got into a discussion.  He insisted that Dee Dee Sharp did NOT know how to do the “Mashed Potato”.  I thought he maybe  meant she was not a good dancer or wasn’t doing it right (according to him).  He further explained that he had heard an interview with her on a Bay Area radio station where she was explaining how she couldn’t get all the moves down for her own dance craze!  And they spent hours teaching her.

Turns out, Ms. Dee Dee didn’t actually learn how to do the Mashed Potato until years after her hit was recorded.  At first, I didn’t believe him… then I saw this clip.   She only shakes a little during the middle instrumental part and the girls in the background are actually doing all the dancing…and they never show her feet while she is dancing.  Wild, isn’t it?  There’s actually alot of repetitive footwork involved- maybe it was just to much excitement for a young girl to be on National TV, sing a song and keep moving??  Well…she looks like she’s having fun anyway.

Who cares… this is the still the best dance craze that ever shot up the Pop Music charts.  Now scroll back up there, hit “replay” and turn your speakers up….also a great way to burn off those extra holiday calories you may have had from too much pie (or mashed potatoes).

 ….come and twist ya feet now baby…

and who could forget Dee Dee’s follow up hit “GRAVY“-(seriously…Google it!)


One Response to “It’s MASHED POTATO time! (click here to read the entire story)”

  1. Who was the blonde dancer to the left of DeeDee in the video?

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