Truth or Dare?… (click here to read the entire story)

Uhm…I’ll take “truth”-

“Do you watch “Dancing With The Stars” and if so-  Do you vote?”

Yah…and for the first time ever, a reality TV show had me dialing.

My vote?  For Marie Osmond, of course!


That’s right boys and girls- I’m rooting for the underdog.  Love her or hate her, Marie is an ENTERTAINER.  She may not the best dancer on that show and most people probably don’t think she should win…and maybe she won’t- but she is having fun!

Her laugh is very much a part of her personality.  Aside from that beautiful smile and just the fact that she is an All-American Girl, she’s gonna get some votes.  She’s made it to the finals and I think she might win.  Not because of her talent as a dancer but I think people will vote for her just because she is so loveable.  She’s just having so much fun.  Everyone else seems to be so damned serious.  And don’t even get me started on all those others trying to add that little something “extra” with all the dancing on the steps and jumping off the stage….boring, it’s been done.  All Marie has to do is smile and she’s got them beat. 


I loved last night when she jumped into her brothers laps as they sat in the front row.  Everyone else on that show is just dancing- Marie is dancing and entertaining.

 I hope she wins that cheezy Disco ball, good luck Marie!!


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