Forget Santa- CHARO is coming to town! (well- Laughlin, Nevada anyway) Cuchi-Cuchi ! (click here to read the entire story)

World Famous Musician, Comedian and TV star- “CHARO”


Cover of her 1978 single “Mamacita, ¿Dónde está Santa Claus?”

(Mommy, Where’s Santa Claus?)

While I was growing up in the 70’s, I remember seeing CHARO on a ton of shows.  She was “Aunt Charo” on one of my favorite shows “Chico and the Man”.  She also showed up as “April Lopez” on several episodes of The Love Boat. (She holds the record for most guest appearances on that show!)  She was on just about every TV Talk Show/Variety show that was around.  Years later, she’d appear on The Surreal Life and of course the Geico and Sprint TV commercials.  However, my all time favorite show she’s ever been on was the the Christmas Episode of “PEE WEE’S PLAYHOUSE!”

Remember this?….


Conky, Charo and Pee-Wee…1988

OK- So a few years ago I got to see CHARO and her amazing show. From the front row no less.  Don’t be jealous!  Anyway, she puts on one of the greatest show’s I’ve ever seen!  Talk about production- costume changes, dancers on stage and she played the guitar like you wouldn’t believe!  Aside from her amazing musical abilities, (she was voted twice…yes TWICE “Worlds Greatest Flamenco Guitarist”) -she has such a hilarious comedy act that’s woven in between the singing and guitar playing that will have you in stiches!  I don’t think I’ve ever laughed that hard in my life.

We actually got in by accident and got bumped to a front dinner table at the local casino.  It was great!  At each place setting there was an autographed photo and a CD of her music.  We couldn’t believe it!  What was even cooler- was that after the show, Charo came out and signed personal autographs and posed for pictures.  And it wasn’t the usual “get ’em in, get ’em out” type of picture that most celebs feel obligated to pose for when they play the casinos.  Charo actually took the time and welcomed each guest, asked thier name and had a little personal time with them before taking the picture. (I know!) 

Now, when it came time to take the picture it wasn’t just the usual side by side snapshot.  She actually posed and sometimes posed the guests themselves for each picture.  Every shot was different, almost personalized for the photographer.  She loved it just as much as her fans did.  Oh, did I mention that after each and every fan got their picture taken and had their CD signed, she was then escorted into the Casino and made the rounds with all the guests that weren’t able to get into the show as well as the regular guests just sitting there playing slot machines- and said hi and posed with them too! Total Class….an entertainer like no other.  See her if you can!!

Oh wait….here’s your chance now!!-


December 27-31, 2007
8pm (27-30)
7pm and 10:30pm

Laughlin, NV

Riverside Resort and Casino Laughlin, NV

Contact the Hotel at (800)227-3849 or (702)298-2535. Tickets are $30 for the 27-30th and $40 for the New Year’s Eve Blowout.


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