Things to do before I die… (click here for the entire story)

#1 …Visit the house from “A Christmas Story”.


Yup…That’s right kids- Someday I wanna visit the very house were the bestest Christmas Movie in history was ever made…

Ralphie’s House!

The film “A Christmas Story” was filmed in Cleveland and now you too can visit this blast from the past.  The house was originally sold on ebay in December of 2004 for the bargain price of $99,000. 

Check out the website , the house is open for tours daily and there is also a house across the street that is the Museum for the movie as well as the gift shop.  You can even eat at the original Chinese Restaurant and have your very own Chinese Turkey! …Fah Rah Rah Rah Rah…Rah Rah Rah Rah…

HEY!  WE MISSED IT!  I just found out that in November of 2007, there was a “First Annual- A Christmas Story Convention!”


The original “A Christmas Story” House as restored by Brian Jones.

I soooo would have gone to that!  There were actually quite a few actors/actresses that showed up for the event!  There was a meet and greet and everything, damn!

You can even go to “Higbee’s” Department Store, (which is now closed) where a few scenes were filmed including… where Santa tells Ralphie “You’ll shoot your eye out, kid”. 

Man, I’ve gotta get there.  On the website you can see how the house was renovated and redecorated with period furniture.  The car used in the scene where Ralphie says the famous line “OH…FUDGE!” is now fully restored and on display.


You can even buy your very own “Major Award”…the “Leg Lamp”- packed in it’s own “Frah-GEE-lee box (must be Italian) -is sure to get some attention from your loved ones and guests all year round!

I’d like to send out a special “Thanks” to current owner Brian Jones who took on this project and restored the house to its original glory for fans to enjoy for years to come….amazing.

Check it out….it may end up on your list too! 



One Response to “Things to do before I die… (click here for the entire story)”

  1. bunchesofos Says:

    I’d love to visit that house! “A Christmas Story” is one of my fave movies! In fact, I was able to see a theatre production of the movie this year and it was GREAT! Not as great as the movie itself, but it had all the details, characters, etc. in it. Never been to Cleveland but just to see the house and the museum would be worth the trip! lol!

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