Liza- with a “Z”…(click here to read the entire story)

Hey…so my friend calls me last week and says “I’ve got two tickets to a show tonight at the Casino….wanna go?”    So we get there and not only do I get to see a free show but the tickets are front row, center.  I would have never have guessed who we were going to see there that night and almost still don’t believe it…


Yup…Liza Minnelli hit the stage runnin’.  I think she was doing a few warm up shows before her big gig in Southern California at the “Frank Sinatra Countrywide Celebrity Golf Tournament” .  I hear she even did a “gypsy” show in Vegas earlier this month.  Liza was breaking in a new portion of the act where she does a tribute to the great Kay Thompson….who also happens to be her godmother.

You can read more about Kay here:

Liza looked great and said she had been dieting.  She sounded wonderful.  I have to admit, I’ve never really been into Liza and wasn’t too familiar with alot of her work.  BUT- I was very impressed with her voice and the show she put on.  It was two hours of non-stop performance.   She’s also pretty damn funny too!  I loved the show and had no idea what a great entertainer she is….highly recommended. The best part…the way she told stories about her growing up on the old MGM lot and lovingly mentioning “Momma”.

You can check out all things Liza at her website-


2 Responses to “Liza- with a “Z”…(click here to read the entire story)”

  1. Phillip –

    So happy you liked the show! We had a ball!!

    All the best –
    Jim Caruso

  2. At her worst, she is fantastic. At her best, the word ‘icon’ doesn’t do her justice. I’m glad you got to see her and jealous that it was in the front row.

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