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Dear Mr. President…

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 In case any of you have been living under a rock and have never heard this song by PINK, I thought I’d share….


another good one down below…check it out!


“SO LONG” by Sally Anthony

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 Hey-  Before you step into that voting booth…remember how important your decision for our next President is and how they will be able to deal with the future of this country.   Even though Bush doesn’t have any power over Natural Disasters (but wait… he probably THINKS  he does)- he seemed to have no power over controlling his Administration when it came to fixing the mess. 

Mission Accomplished“….remember that one?

Everyone in America should watch this…and pass it on.


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Here we go again… 

More commercials and everyone flinging horse poo at each other-

Not that I like Arnold…but I think he has the right idea.


NOVEMBER 22, 1963

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Do you remember where you were, when you heard the news?…


The Cure For Cancer… (click here for the entire story)

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…lies within the American Government.

Take what you want from that sentence.  October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.  Every month, every day- people should be made aware of this disease and a cure found.  Some say there may already be one- and I’m not so sure I would disagree…

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Will they ever tell us the truth about 9/11? (click here to read the entire story)

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 Remembering 9/11, Tribute In Light, Lower Manhattan, New York

Ok…so I wasn’t sure if I was going to write anything about the anniversary of the attacks but I think that I am now to the point where I can watch the footage from that day.  There were alot of tributes/specials on several of today’s talk shows.  I started to watch one and it was just too depressing so I changed it.  What’s even more sad is that alot of the first responders that went down there and so bravely helped are now victims themselves and nobody will help them.  Now their medical needs are being overlooked, simply because they weren’t on the payroll & nobody told them to go down there“.  Amazing isn’t it?

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