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GOLDIE HILL ~ A hidden gem within the crown of Country Music (click here to read the entire story)

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I don’t know how I found this or even why I was looking for something on youtube but that’s how it always starts….ya know?  I mean… I came across this video clip and I swear I have watched it at least a half dozen times every day since I found it.  Its a song by a female country artist that had a huge hit with it in the early 1950’s….if your ears have not yet been blessed by this voice, her name is Goldie Hill.   This was an answer song written for “Don’t Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes”.   I love it… will too!

Here’s a picture of Ms. Goldie from back in the day….


Here’s the clip that’s been in heavy rotation lately….

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Wanda Jackson FINALLY enters the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME!

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I try and make it a point never to cuss in the presence of ladies…..



“ELVIS! ELVIS! Let Me Be…”

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That line up there is from one of my favorite songs in the movie “GREASE”.  I was gonna put something sentimental on here about Elvis’ passing thirty years ago today…  NAH! Let’s do somethin’ fun!  Look at this pic- It’s just nasty enough to be cool.  If you’ve never been to Graceland, you’ve gotta get there!  I love it- and where else can you see green fuzzy carpet on a ceiling?  All those gold and platinum records on display are amazing!  You’ll probably hear at least one Elvis song today, maybe even your favorite.  The one Elvis tune that always gets me singing outloud is “It’s Now Or Never”.