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Wanda Jackson FINALLY enters the ROCK & ROLL HALL OF FAME!

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I try and make it a point never to cuss in the presence of ladies…..




Happy Birthday to:”The Lovable Lush”- Mr. Foster Brooks (click here to read the entire story)

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Alright…so, this clip below is the funniest shit I have ever seen-

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REMEMBERING PATSY CLINE… (click here to read the entire story)

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March 5, 2008

45 Years ago today- the world lost the Greatest female singer ever-

The one, the only…Ms. Patsy Cline


…”Anything but Country”- that’s the usual answer I get when my friends and I are trying to decide on a radio station.  Normally, we can’t decide….so everyone is always instructed to bring a couple of CD’s for the road trip and we’ll sit through them as we drive (everyone is allowed one “veto”).  When it’s my turn…I usually yell out- “Ok, one Country song and then”….  (that’s usually as far as I get before hearing VETO! screams from everyone).

“But…It’s Patsy Cline”.  Then of course the standard phrase is next… “Oh, she’s not Country… I like her”.  Wait, wait…so because someone that usually hates country, likes Patsy…. that makes Patsy “not Country”?  It’s always the same excuse…but they love Patsy. 

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LOUIS PRIMA AND KEELY SMITH! (click here to read the entire story)

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That Ol’ Black Magic has me in it’s spell…..” 


These two were a riot!  They had enough energy on stage to light up the whole city of Las Vegas.  Louis Prima and Keely Smith were the “must see” act in Vegas during the 50’s.  Their show at “The Sahara” was the hottest ticket in town.  Louis and Keely sang, danced and threw out a few comedic lines that had the audience in stiches.  They were backed by a band lead by Sam Butera called “The Witnesses”.  Aside from making hit records and playing several shows nightly (all the way through the night- until 6 a.m.!), they also made The Sahara Lounge the hottest night club around…while at the same time, making it- without a doubt, the very coolest. 

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“ELVIS! ELVIS! Let Me Be…”

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That line up there is from one of my favorite songs in the movie “GREASE”.  I was gonna put something sentimental on here about Elvis’ passing thirty years ago today…  NAH! Let’s do somethin’ fun!  Look at this pic- It’s just nasty enough to be cool.  If you’ve never been to Graceland, you’ve gotta get there!  I love it- and where else can you see green fuzzy carpet on a ceiling?  All those gold and platinum records on display are amazing!  You’ll probably hear at least one Elvis song today, maybe even your favorite.  The one Elvis tune that always gets me singing outloud is “It’s Now Or Never”.