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GOLDIE HILL ~ A hidden gem within the crown of Country Music (click here to read the entire story)

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I don’t know how I found this or even why I was looking for something on youtube but that’s how it always starts….ya know?  I mean… I came across this video clip and I swear I have watched it at least a half dozen times every day since I found it.  Its a song by a female country artist that had a huge hit with it in the early 1950’s….if your ears have not yet been blessed by this voice, her name is Goldie Hill.   This was an answer song written for “Don’t Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes”.   I love it… will too!

Here’s a picture of Ms. Goldie from back in the day….


Here’s the clip that’s been in heavy rotation lately….

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REMEMBERING PATSY CLINE… (click here to read the entire story)

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March 5, 2008

45 Years ago today- the world lost the Greatest female singer ever-

The one, the only…Ms. Patsy Cline


…”Anything but Country”- that’s the usual answer I get when my friends and I are trying to decide on a radio station.  Normally, we can’t decide….so everyone is always instructed to bring a couple of CD’s for the road trip and we’ll sit through them as we drive (everyone is allowed one “veto”).  When it’s my turn…I usually yell out- “Ok, one Country song and then”….  (that’s usually as far as I get before hearing VETO! screams from everyone).

“But…It’s Patsy Cline”.  Then of course the standard phrase is next… “Oh, she’s not Country… I like her”.  Wait, wait…so because someone that usually hates country, likes Patsy…. that makes Patsy “not Country”?  It’s always the same excuse…but they love Patsy. 

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That Wonderful Someone

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Patsy Cline

By Mike

America’s Down Home Sweetheart

Patsy has enjoyed Nashville sound stardom since 1957’s Walkin’ After Midnight. Patsy also pioneered the country/pop crossover. Everyone loved Patsy. Everyone LOVES Patsy.

Patsy has enjoyed several posthumous comebacks over the years, but is now enjoying a legend status comeback lasting longer than her career and life. She has become popular with a new generation of fans and is inspiring a new generation of artists.

Talent gave us Patsy. Tragedy took her away. Talent brought her back to stay.

In 2001, she was voted #1 in The Greatest Women in Country Music and in 1999, she was voted #11 in The Greatest Women of Rock & Roll. That’s an inspiring achievement. Country, Rock & Roll, Pop… if someone finds a track of her playing the piano, Mozart loses HIS top spot as well.

You don’t like ‘Country’ music? Well, take a listen to Patsy and you’ve found That Wonderful Someone.

(Just so you all know… Mike said I could NOT post anything regarding my other obsession PATSY CLINE.  Funny how it’s ok for HIM to write a little article on MY blog regarding a subject he told me was off limits. Maybe he’s actually the bigger Patsy fan?  And he forgot to mention that she also has a Star on the World Famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.)